Dear friends!
My name is Atryom Frolov and I am happy to welcome you on my website.

Here you can find some information about my activity and my opinion about the modern and traditional methods of treatment, as well as ways to combine them.
I have been teaching yoga for quite a long time. Particularly, I teach yoga to my patients. That is why a large part of my work as a doctor, as well as a large part of the materials on the website is dedicated to yoga therapy, i.e. to adaptation of yoga practice to the current state of a person’s health, to applying yoga as a method of treatment.

Considering the fact that apart from health, yoga pursues other, not less important and relevant aims, some materials of the website are dedicated to various aspects of yogic sadhana. These works are based on my experience of personal and teaching practice of yoga.

Apart from yoga therapy, I actively use other directions, like fitotherapy, reflex therapy, ayurvedic healing principles. In addition to this, I always consider and if needed, apply the achievements of modern western medicine.

I am convinced that there can be no contradictions between truthful conceptions. They can add up to each other and clarify, just showing different sides of one truth, one objective Reality. That is why the experience of yoga therapy,  herbal treatment, acupuncture and the achievements of modern science only compliment each other, helping to achieve the best result in treatment and understanding of the processes inside and around us.


I graduated from Pavlov’s Saint-Petersburg Medical University in 1997, and completed clinical residency in cardiology at Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (1997-99), additional training courses in Clinical Fitotherapy (2010), Clinical and Classic homeopathy (2010), at Mechnikov’s Medical Academy (2010), Reflex Therapy (2011) at Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies.I worked as a cardiologist in ICU ward, specializing in functional and supersonic methods of heart examination.For about 10 years I managed large multidisciplinary polyclinic medical institutions, being involved in quality examination for hospital and outpatient medical aid.

I have been practicing hatha yoga since 1997, taking the experience of various schools, from Russian and foreign yoga teachers. Experience in teaching yoga since 2003.

My specialization is yoga therapy and traditional methods of treatment, being the leading teacher of the Yoga Therapy course at the Institute of Traditional Treatment systems in Moscow and a teacher on a yoga teacher training course at Moscow Ashtanga Yoga Center.

The chairman of Saint-Petersburg yoga therapy society. The author of a number of publications in yoga physiology, yoga therapy, fitotherapy.

The director of “YogaMed», specialized yoga therapy studio.

My article in Wild Yogi Magazine